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Chartr Business Portal

Account Configuration
Configure your business account to reflect your offerings and your business needs.
Commercial Charter Hub
Post and manage your available charters right inside the business portal.
Market Your Services
Market your services to a marketplace of users looking to employ you.
Support for Different Charters
Whether you're a passenger or transport charter business, we have you covered.
Native Wallet
The Chartr Business portal has a native supported wallet to manage your AERO and EGLD.
Manage Flight Records
Keep track of all your pilot and flight records within the application. All on the blockchain and secure.
Create & Send Invoices
Create and send invoices directly within the app, getting you paid quicker.
Increased Security
All your data is secure all lives entirely on the blockchain. No Databases and no security risks.

Blockchain as a Service

Private Aviation ​​easy-to-use developer tools and resources. Through the use of our APIs and SDKs businesses can streamline processes and reduce the need for human interaction with customers.

AERO Utility

No transaction fee but rather a request fee. Each new API Key is established with 100 request tokens at no cost to help kickstart your development. Must have AERO for more requests.

100% Peer-to-Peer

Using Smart Contract technology users can seamlessly integrate the blockchain into their existing services and reduce friction throughout day to day operations.

No Blockchain experience required

Easily take advantage of all the benefits that a fast secure blockchain can offer.

Tailored to Your Needs

Fully customizable for any aviation operation big or small.

Blockchain Services

Payment gateways, incident reporting, digital flight logs, and secure document storage and organization.

End-to-end Ticketing

Digital ticketing system through NFT technology

AERO Wallet

Easy Integration

Connecting to the Aero Wallet has never been easier using either the Maiar DeFi wallet on desktop or using your mobile app to connect seamlessly.


No profile is complete without having your own unique username. As soon as you sign into the Aero Wallet you will have your chance to designate your very own "callsign".


View and manage your NFT wallet directly from the Aero Wallet as well as view the traits associated with your collection. You can even make one of your NFTs your profile photo.

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Try out the Aero Wallet today and claim your call sign!
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Why use the MultiversX Blockchain?

The MultiversX Blockchain offers a host of features that made building on their blockchain the clear choice for Aerovek Aviation.

Transaction Speed

The MultiversX Blockchain supports more than 15,000 Transactions Per Second.

Small Fees

Gas fees that are almost entirely unnoticeable when making purchases on the daily.


Elrond is entirely decentralized with 3,200 validators and a proof of stake protocol.


The  MultiversX Network is built with adaptive state sharding to enable scalability long term.


The Flight Plan is only the beginning of our journey

Q1 2022
Website / Lounge Launch

In Q1 2022 we launched the Aero website and aviation community lounge.

Q2 2022
DAO Launch / PAP Program / MVX Metabonding

In Q2 2022, the project launched the AeroDAO V1 and developed the Pilot Ambassador program and community metabonding.

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Q3 2022
Dashboard / NFT Integrations / Wallet Upgrades

In Q2 2022 Aerovek focused on developing and implementing wallet upgrades and launched the Aviator NFT collection for the community.

Q4 2022
Strategic Partnerships / AeroLabs Concept

In the last quarter of 2022, the project secured a strategic partnership with Proteo and created the first iteration of the BaaS model.

Q1 2023
Chartr Alpha launch / Open Source Protocol

First quarter of 2023 is dedicated to making Aerovek the most decentralized and community-led project in the space.


Total Available Supply 100 Million AERO
Pilot Ambassador / Referral Program
Community DAO / Staking Pool
Team / Partnerships
Marketing / Growth
Dex Liquidity
Future Listing

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