The story behind Aerovek Aviation

Give the tools to the people and disruption will seem both sudden and natural. The rise in blockchain technology has allowed us to rethink the impossible, and innovate at exponential levels. There was once a day when flying seemed impossible, now look at us, we are planning a trip to Mars. 

At Aerovek, we are building a community of innovators, pioneers, out-of-the-box thinkers, and risk-takers to disrupt the aviation industry and create a fully decentralized network. Aerovek is available in every country with no limits, We are a 100% peer-to-peer platform which promotes the idea of no middle man. Each user will deal directly with other users.

Our numbers speak for themselves


Telegram Users

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Token Holders

The Aerovek Aviation community has 60k token holders.



More than 200,000 transactions have been made with the Aero Token.

The values that drive everything we do

Aerovek Aviation is a team of like-minded passionate crew members that have the unified goal to push the boundaries of the aviation space with web3 technology.



Aerovek Aviation takes great pride in providing educational content for its entire community. Our philosophy is the more we know as a group the greater things we will achieve as a whole.



The Aerovek team strives each and every day to push the boundaries and generate new technology on a constant basis.



We believe that nothing great comes out of living inside the box; as a result, we continue to disrupt the market and look for new ways to innovate.



Community is the backbone of what makes Aerovek unique from other aviation companies and we make it a priority to bring access to our tools across the globe.



With the innovations in technology in the Web 3.0 space we have a heavy focus on utilizing decentralization to protect our users data and give them a say in what Aerovek does going forward.



The Aerovek team takes transparency very seriously and always keep our community in the loop with what's going on and what our goals and motivations are.

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