Meet the next generation of Aviation

The Chartr App will change the way you think about booking your next flight, offering charter services that are on the blockchain and completely secure.


Redefining the way you think about aviation

Charter Private Flights

Charter private flights in your local area directly from the Chartr application, creating a seamless experience.

Aviation Marketplace

Buy, sell, and market your services all within the Chartr marketplace, giving you a one stop shop for all things aviation.

IOS & Android Support

Support for both IOS and Android platforms ensure that no matter what device you are using you will have access.

Built on the Blockchain

All contracts and exchanges will be processed directly on the blockchain, ensuring they are safe and secure.


The Chartr app is a truly decentralized organization, ran and managed by pilot professionals from around the world.

Pay with $AERO

Use the native $AERO coin to purchase and collect payments on the Chartr platform.

Change the way you travel flying private

For most traveling private has always been just for the wealthy who could afford it. Well, what if we told you that it's much more realistic than you thought to fly private via the Chartr app. As a user you will get access to a host of pilots and planes in your area to charter your next flight. Flying private also comes with I host of advantages such as:

No TSA lines
No Connecting Flights
No Constant Delays

Once you experience what it is to fly private with your friends and family you will never want to do the standard commercial flight experience again. Sign up to be one of the first users of the Chartr app and redefine the way you travel.

Do you own an aircraft or a fleet of aircraft?

Do you own an aviation business or are you a pilot and looking to offer your services to users worldwide? The Chartr app is the perfect platform to market your services to new clientele. The application will have a host of features making your life as simple as possible when it comes to chartering flights.

Business Portal

Manage your offerings and optimize your listings to ensure you have a constant influx of new business.


List your services and offerings on the Chartr marketplace, making it easy to stumble across for your new clientele.


Manage invoices all within the Chartr app, making the whole process of chartering the flight to final billing as seamless as possible.


When you finalize billing and collect payment from your clientele, you will have a dedicated wallet within the Chartr app to manage and transfer your funds.

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