World’s first Decentralized Private Aviation Mobile App

Unlock new experiences and opportunities through the flexibility of flying private powered by blockchain technology!


Redefining the way you think about aviation

Air Mobility

Charter private flights directly from the Chartr mobile app, designed for a cost-effective and seamless experience from booking to touchdown.

Community Development

By leveraging open-source technology anyone, anywhere, can contribute without the need for a centralized authority.

Blockchain Built

All transactions performed in the app are processed directly on the BLOCKCHAIN, ensuring all records are immutable and traceable, all with a low cost and a high-speed rate.

Web3 Economics

Borderless and frictionless payment system powered by $AERO token. From ticket purchases, in app services to transaction fees, everything is operated using $AERO digital token (ESDT).

DAO Driven

The Chartr app is a truly decentralized ecosystem, regulated and managed by aviation professionals along with $AERO holders from around the world.

IOS & Android

Chartr app support for both IOS and Android platforms ensure that no matter what device you are using you will have access to Chartr services.

Chartr your own path and unlock new experiences

Discover new and uncovered destinations by commercial aviation in a P2P environment accessing a unique and aggregated network of private aviation professionals and services.

Chartr allows passengers to access flight charter services and book a private flight at affordable prices by cutting out the middleman and by the use of blockchain technologies! Using Chartr for flying private comes with an array of values and benefits:

Trip Flexibility & Customization
Reduced costs
Loyalty programs
Flight tracking

Due to the nature of flying privately, passengers will be saving money by “skipping the line”, avoid long TSA lines and plan their trip according to their timetable.

Stay flexible, sign up and experience the power of private aviation in your pocket!

Unlock your true business potential

Join the forefront of aviation innovation and onboard your operations and services in Chartr ecosystem powered by blockchain technologies.Focus on what matters the most - growing your business and take advantage of operating on Chartr:

Reduced OPEX
Increased customer base
Reduced paperwork
Instant payment
Increased customer experience

Operating on blockchain will drive down the OPEX of your aviation business through the integration and optimization of your on-ground operations, the low-cost transaction fees, and by reducing 3rd party dependency for adjacent services such as flight booking, and record keeping, which are part of Chartr features and ecosystem.

Participate in Chartr Development today!

To contribute access our GitHub repositories (Developers) or our DAO Telegram Channel (Community Members) to get started

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