Frequently Asked Questions

The Aerovek Aviation platform has many moving parts and tools and resources in it's platform, here are the most frequently asked questions from our community. If you have any additional questions we urge you to reach out directly to our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Aerovek Aviation?

Aerovek Aviation is a social-economic platform designed and optimized to be a one-stop shop for everything aviation-related in a decentralized, community governed, peer 2 peer environment. Using our blockchain-based mobile app Chartr, you will be able to book and track flights and connect to pilots and passengers. Create and vote on governance proposals if you choose to be part of the AeroDAO, and by using the Marketplace you will be able to trade aircraft & aircraft parts, aviation memorabilia, find and enroll in flight classes and access other flight and aviation services such as skydiving, paragliding.


What is Aerovek Aviation value proposition?

Aerovek is the first of its kind. We coined the term Social Economic Platform (SEP) for the way our platform is different from any other. Users can participate in a social lounge and earn KVRI tokens for providing quality content, spend AERO tokens in our marketplace that offers users the ability to buy and sell aircraft and aircraft parts and Pay for On Demand flights similar to what UBER does for driving using our mobile application Chartr.


What is Chartr?

Chartr is our blockchain-based flight Chartr mobile application and it enables a transparent method of booking and tracking flights while providing an easy and secure way to accept $AERO for payments as everything will be on the #Elrond blockchain and through the security and availability that they provide.


Why did you choose ELROND blockchain to build the Aerovek Aviation ecosystem?

We chose the Elrond Network to build our platform on for a few key reasons. One being infinite scalability as Elrond is scalable Blockchain using Secure Proof Of Stake and Adaptive State Sharding. Second being the near instant transactions as Elrond can handle over 15,000 transactions per second. Third being that Elrond is a secure Blockchain and has had zero downtime since launch.


Will Aerovek be accessible in every country?

Aerovek is available in every country with no limits, We are a 100% peer to peer platform which promotes the idea of no middleman. Each user will deal directly with other users.


Is Aerovek Live?

The Aerovek platform is currently in Beta, any user is welcome to join and take advantage of all the features we have to offer but since it is in beta, we ask that you report any bugs or strange behaviors on the site so we can make it the best we can! The $AERO token is live on Maiar DEX, and the Aerovek wallet can send and receive mainnet ESDT tokens as well as Elrond (EGLD).


Is $AERO token available for purchase?

The AERO token is available for purchase on the Maiar Exchange Available swap pair $AERO/$EGLD.


How do I obtain $Aero tokens?

The AERO token is available for purchase on the Maiar Exchange. Available swap pair is $AERO/$EGLD. Also, periodically we do giveaways and organize competitions with the purpose of testing new functions of our products or bug bounties. The best way to stay informed is to join our official Telegram channel and to follow us on Twitter.


What are the functions of Aerovek Aviation ($AERO) Token?

AERO facilitates the functioning of the Aerovek Aviation ecosystem. The Aero token was created to allow for instant, inexpensive transfers on the Aerovek platform. Users can spend the Aero token in the marketplace, to pay for flights and any other service when using Chartr or any other economic functionality on the platform. AERO holders will have governance over members’ proposals and all future endeavors.


Will the $AERO holders be able to stake their tokens and gain rewards on XExchange?

Users can provide liquidity to our $AERO/$EGLD liquidity pool on the Maiar Exchange and earn rewards for doing so. Information about farming pools in partnership with Elrond will be provided as soon as it becomes available.


How do I stake my $AERO on Aero Pool?

First available option to stake, is the inhouse developed one, using AeroPool. With an APR of 15%, staking is available using Aero digital wallet – stake $AERO – earn $AERO. Current lock period is 3 days that resets after any action performed on the staking pool. You can use either Maiar or Elrond web wallet for authentication and authorization in order to stake your $AERO.


What are the Proteo Dual Reward farms?

Through our partnership with Proteo DeFi, AERO/EGLD dual reward farms are available on Proteo dApp that can be accessed by using AERO/EGLD LP tokens. The AERO/EGLD LP token is created on Maiar DEX and then can be staked on Proteo dApp AERO/EGLD with an variable APR depending on the staked volume. The AERO/EGLD farms reward the stakers with $AERO and Proteo tokens.


What is AERO digital wallet?

Aero digital wallet offers users the ability to track market prices and charts for AERO, ATIP, EGLD & MEX. Incorporated NFTs so users can view, make them a profile pic with the click of a button, transfer, and see the rarity details for each NFT. The lounge, user accounts, and the DAO will all be incorporated into the wallet dashboard.


How do I attach my Aero digital wallet to Maiar?

It is simple to connect your AERO digital wallet to Maiar. Under your profile click “Create Callsign” and follow the instructions, this will store your Aerovek username (Callsign) on the blockchain similar to a Maiar Herotag and automatically store your public address on Aerovek to unlock wallet functionality. Users can then send any ESDT token or EGLD to you with just your Callsign. You do not need to worry about your private wallet information being at risk as the Elrond wallet connect functionality Aerovek uses does not release any private information, just your public address.


Will I lose my funds if I forget my password?

Never! The Aero wallet is not a storage wallet, meaning we use Maiar Wallet connect to provide wallet functionality. All security, storage, and transaction signing are done inside Maiar and Aerovek will never store any personal wallet information.


What is Aero Aviators Club?

Being part of the Aero Aviators Club and holder of at least one NFT from our collections gives you access to real life events, weekly dynamic royalty rewards, and WL for future drops. Find out more about our first NFT collection Aerovek Aviators and join our official Telegram channel to learn more about the perks of being in the Aero Aviators Club.


What is Aerovek Staking Agency (ASA)?

ASA is a verified staking provider on ELROND network running multiple nodes that secure and increase the efficiency of the network while receiving $eGLD rewards. You can participate in this collective action by using the ASA nodes to delegate/stake your $eGLD and receive rewards in return. Staking with ASA brings you unique benefits along to the common $eGLD reward: depending on the number of delegated EGLDs with ASA you will earn: daily $AERO tokens and GNOGEN NFTs (for more details about GNOGEN dedicated NFT collection click HERE)


Does Aerovek Aviation do Airdrops?

Aerovek does not do general airdrops, as we would rather reward community members for participating in different ways. For instance, bug hunting, testing different functionality, contests, and tipping for being active in our Telegram or Discord Groups. We find this promotes a supportive, helpful community that has the same goal as the Aero team, to bring the best product to market as possible.


What are the ATIP and KVRI tokens?

AeroTips (ATIP) started as a community token made by Aerovek with the purpose of rewarding content creators on the Aero platform. It was initially a 100% community dropped and was used by any user to pay any user they wish. As utility of ATIP grew as its possible use cases, it was decided to rebrand it into $KVRI and power the tokenomics of our new project Kavarii!


How do I swap my ATIP to $KVRI?

Current holders of ATIP will be able to use a bridge to swap 1:1 to KVRI. The bridge will stay in place until all ATIP tokens are swapped to $KVRI.

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