Fintech X Webflow Template and UI Kit

Presenting Fintech X, the ultimate Bank & Fintech Template & UI Kit for Webflow

What is included in Fintech X?

Fintech X Webflow Template & UI Kit includes over 35 pages in total, with more than 60 sections, and 4 different homepages, 3 blogs pages, and 3 contact pages.






Components & Syles

Figma file included

Take your Fintech startup to the next level.

Our services change the way you think of aviation

Aero Wallet

The wallet has gone through a complete redesign and rebuilt from the ground up. The new Aero wallet offers users the ability to track market prices and charts for AERO, ATIP, EGLD & MEX. Incorporated NFTs so users can view, make them a profile pic with the click of a button, transfer and see the rarity details for each NFT.

Aero / Atip Token


The Aerovek Token ($AERO) is our ESDT (Elrond Standard Digital Token).It shares the same qualities as $eGLD for Elrond Network which translates into fast transactions and inexpesive fees.$AERO will be used to ensure decentralized governance for the Aerovek project as soon as the AerovekDAO will be live. Anyone that holds $AERO will have voting rights on the proposals submitted on the DAO.It will also be used as currency for any purchases of products and services within the Aerovek ecosystem as soon as the marketplace and Flight Charter App will be live.


$ATIP is used to incentivize the users of our Social lounge to be active and post content via tipping.$ATIP will also be available on the Maiar Echange and additional products that will enhance %ATIP’s use cases are under development. More details will be available soon.

Chartr App

The Chartr App will enable bookings for private flights between pilots and users without any intermediaries. The currency of the App will be of course, $AERO. The App will be developed under the guidance of the professional pilots that will join the Pilot Ambassador Program and we are proud to announce that 14 professional pilots have already joined the program.

The app is scheduled to go live as early as Q1 2023. More details will be released as they are available.