AERO Monthly Report March

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August 16, 2022
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AERO Monthly Report: March

Another month of hard work has passed and before we do a recap of everything that happened in March, we feel that it’s imperative to pay tribute to our incredible community and say, “Thank you”! The project wouldn’t be here without you, and we are incredible proud to see that people take from their time to create videos or passionate written content or to help other community members that are just now discovering us. This truly humbles us and then you just double down with incredibly cool personalized items to the point that we are at a loss for words:

Elrond Metabonding Update

We were proud to announce that AEROVEK ($AERO) was the first project that joined the Elrond Metabonding program and in March the snapshots began.

Please note:

The metabonding link can be accessed here and you can read more about it here.

The $AERO token is now visible in Maiar!

$AERO gained exposure to 850,000 + Maiar users and it is now as easy to monitor the price, send or receive transactions while beneficiating of the same low fees and speed as with $eGLD.

KAVARII: A new decentralized video platform 

We announced that the AERO Foundation is working on a full scale decentralized video platform designed to put decentralization and the interest of the users at the centre of this new social economic platform. Initially presented as “The Aeroverse”, it will be rebranded as “Kavarii” and we will soon publish more information about the AERO Foundation and how it will work as a central entity with multiple divisions but also a detailed article about the reason behind Kavarii, the vision and specific functionalities that not only differentiate us from centralized alternatives but actually increases the opportunities for everyone in a level playing field.

The team is expanding! New “Careers” page:

As announced on social media, we are actively recruiting passionate and driven people with experience either in the aviation industry or just an infectious interest about the blockchain industry.

Have a look at the available roles and if you think you would be a perfect fit, we would love to hear from you!


As usual you asked, and we listened. The Maiar Login in the AERO Wallet is now complemented by the Web Wallet option

Exposure, Exposure, Exposure

We understand how important it is for anyone to be able to track the $AERO price in real time and learn more about the Aerovek project in the most convenient way and we are happy to be listed on the biggest websites in the world along the big projects like $BTC, $ETH or $EGLD:




This feels like a graduation to the big leagues 😊.

Aviators NFTs & Aviators Club 

In collaboration with Elrond Apes, and being the first project on their new LaunchPad, we launched our Aviators. A collection of 1555 NFTs which, by holding at least one of them, makes you a member of the Aviators Club which enables you to earn rewards in the form of $AERO airdrops and gives you access to real live events and other surprises.

Although not uncommon to have a bumpy ride when new products are launched, we are proud of our collaboration with the professional team behind Elrond Apes and how swiftly they fixed all the issues. Despite that, the launch was a real success and all the 1555 NFTs were sold out in under an hour! You can check here more details about the Aviators Club and more details will be announced as soon as they are available.

Media coverage:

Our friends at Helios Staking published a remarkable and informative article about everything there is to know about Aerovek Aviation in a nutshell and what’s next for AERO Foundation in a broader perspective. 

GOGUYGO published a brilliant video on their YouTube channel where they do a deep dive into all the announced AERO Foundation products.

Social Media achievements:

Twitter: We surpassed a massive threshold of 20,000 followers

Discord: We reached our first big milestone of 1000 members.

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