Published on
March 27, 2023
Written by
John Brian Carthy
Aerovek Announcements

The blockchain world is constantly evolving and staying up to date with the latest technological advancements and improving user experience is crucial for any platform seeking to remain relevant.

Updates to any system are particularly important because they not only bring new functionalities to the platform, but also create a stronger infrastructure for the future.

Launched little over a year ago, AeroPool, our $AERO ESDT staking that was created to bootstrap token distribution, increase adoption and reward early adopters, quickly became popular within the Aerovek community.

Introducing AeroHub

We are excited to announce a series of updates we have made to the AEROPool to enhance our communities experience with the tool.

The improved UX/UI is backboned by a newly developed smart contract, creating an accessible hub for the Aero Community to manage their MultiversX portfolios and interact with the Aerovek ecosystem.

AeroPool becomes AeroHub.

Enter the AeroHub.

AeroHub $AERO staking.

Some key details regarding the updated AeroHub staking.

Reward pool – 2 million $AERO - distributed every 6 seconds.

New lock period of 15 days - the timer is reset by any staking activity.

Early Withdrawal is NOW available during the locking period for a fee of 1.5% from the total amount withdrawn and the early withdrawal fees will go back to the reward pool to be claimed by the community.

UX/UI improvements.

The AeroHub comes with a host of newly presented statistics including total $AERO staked, APR%, available rewards with more planned including a leaderboard.

🚀 To celebrate the launch of the new version of AeroHub, the $AERO staking will have an APR of 30% until April, 30, 2023, after which it will return to the previous 15%. 🚀

Where can I access the AeroHub?

Enter the AeroHub.

From here you will be able to connect your wallet, withdraw your funds from the old smart contract and deposit them in the new contract to earn the limited time 30% APR.

The old smart contract will still function until all funds are withdrawn but we highly recommed entering the new staking smart contract as we are always optimising for security.

What's next?

We are currently developing the AeroDAO and when it is possible we will hold a vote on what to do with the early withdrawal fees, whether to burn them or put them back into the reward pool as is the current situation.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the latest updates.

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