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August 26, 2022
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Aero Aviators Club

Aero Aviators Club


We all have that thing we have collected in our lives, Baseball cards, sneakers, toys, regardless of what it is there is nothing more exciting than adding a meaningful piece to your collection. That’s how it all started for the Aerovek team and there is nothing more exciting than giving back to the community and adding a unique one of a kind piece to their collections. 

With NFT technology which verifies provenance, ensures ownership, verifies, and establishes rarity for digital assets, and allows us to mint and trade them in real-time. We all understand the utility, the necessity, and some of the use cases for the technology, but we could have never predicted the amount of fun trading NFTs is. 

Whether you’re in love with the art or fascinated by the utility of the piece we want to give our community a sense of identity and just like any club, it has its perks.

Introducing the AERO Aviators Club and its FIRST collection: 

The AERO Aviators club collection will be launched in partnership with the Elrond Apes. We are thrilled to work with such a professional team and we are honored to be the first project on their new Launchpad.

Why an NFT collection?

The Aerovek team and community lives and breathes everything Web 3 related. We are huge fans of NFTs as a team and know that our community is as well. Giving back to our community and giving them the opportunity to own a special token to represent the Aerovek brand as a whole is important to us. We want to continue to develop new opportunities and ways to give back to the community as a whole going forward, the sky is the limit.

What’s in it for you?

First off, we loved the idea of giving our community an identity to associate with the Aerovek Community as a whole…an alias of sorts. More so than that we wanted to give loyal members of the community additional utilities and opportunities to be a part of future Aerovek initiatives and rewards. Therefore, we created the Aero Aviators Club, which will host a vast array of rewards that include but are not limited to: dynamic royalty rewards of $AERO, access to real-life events, and WL for future drops. All you have to do to join the club is own one of the Aviators.

How many Aviator NFT’s are there in this collection?

The first collection of Aviators will include 1,555 unique one-of-a-kind NFTs. 

What’s the maximum number of NFT’s that an address can mint?

Any address can mint a maximum of 2 NFT’s. You can only mint one aviator per transaction, so you will need to perform two separate transactions in order to mint two aviators. We would like to give as many people as possible the opportunity to mint their own Aviator.

How do you make sure you are eligible for minting and your wallet address will be whitelisted?

The main condition is to stake any amount of $AERO in the Aerovek wallet or be staked in the Maiar Exhange LP pool.  A snapshot will be taken at a random point close to the minting time. If you have any amount of $AERO staked, your wallet address will be whitelisted. 

What will be the minting price?

1 $eGLD

Where will the minting take place?

We are proud to be the first project to launch our NFT collection on the Elrond Apes Launchpad. Beware of scams, the mint will take place exclusively on the Elrond Apes Launchpad and nowhere else. 


Minting will take place at the end of March 2022. Hard date coming soon…

Do the members of the team have any privileges in regards to the collection?

We are firm believers in making all of our releases fair for everyone. Therefore, none of our team members have priority over anyone else and will have to meet all of the same eligibility requirements as the community members. The team also abides by the same restrictions of only 2 NFTs per wallet address. 

Are there going to be more drops: 

There will definitely be more collections coming out this year (2022).

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