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January 11, 2023
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Aerovek Announcements

Aerovek Staking Agency

Yet another door to opportunities


AeroFoundation recently celebrated one year! One year since we embarked on this amazing journey and we are just as determined as on day one. More community members and more knowledge with an ever-expanding portfolio of products, services, and features!

What is Aerovek Staking Agency?                                                                                                        

Developed under the umbrella of Aero Foundation, Aerovek Staking Agency (ASA) is our Elrond verified staking service on the Elrond network. Currently, there are 5 Validator nodes deployed that secure and increase the efficiency of the network while receiving EGLD rewards in return. Anyone can help secure the network by using the ASA nodes to delegate/stake their EGLD and receive daily rewards in return in the form of EGLD.

ASA was the first staking agency to implement a dual token and NFT rewards system for the delegators who are staking their EGLD. ASA brought delegators additional benefits on top of the standard EGLD rewards:

·   Depending on the number of delegated EGLDs with ASA you earn daily AERO tokens

·   Depending on the number of delegated EGLD you will also get GNOGEN NFTs (more info HERE)

Along with its main purpose to secure the Elrond network, ASA is still one of the tools Aero Foundation uses to increase awareness of our flagship project Aerovek Aviation and its AERO token.

Just to give you an idea of the support we have had so far with ASA, the last time (1st of February, 2022) we increased the number of validator nodes along with the delegation space with 12500 EGLD it was filled in less than 10 minutes!

ASA Reward Evolution

Throughout the last year, Aerovek Aviation, developed under Aero Foundation, moved forward on all fronts: we listed the AERO token on Maiar DEX and BitMart CEX, the development of our mobile application Chartr is at full speed, its Pilot Ambassador Program (PAP) is launched, and sold out an entire NFT collection in 28 minutes. But what's most impressive was our community grew to unfathomable heights and will continue to shape the future of the project through the imminent launch of the Aero DAO.

The daily AERO drop through the ASA, rewarded the early adopters, the most loyal members of our community and brought awareness to the Aerovek Aviation project! Adding to this, our participation in Elrond’s Metabonding program increased the number of AERO holders from 6000 to almost 60K providing huge exposure for Aerovek Aviation project.

Considering everything above we decided to strengthen the Aerovek Aviation project further and its token AERO.

How we will do that?

By replicating the overwhelming success we have seen with AERO with the newest platform under Aero Foundation… Kavarii. ASA will be replacing the daily AERO token rewards with the KVRI token, which will cultivate a strong and rich ecosystem for the Kavarii project as well as power the fundamentals of the AERO token! This will also ensure wide distribution for the $KVRI token which plays a major role in decentralization just like it did for $AERO.

How does this help the Aero Ecosystem? 

First of all, the daily issuance of the AERO token will be removed, reducing the inflationary aspect of the token. And second of all, current and future ASA delegators (because yes, we will increase the current space) will have early access to an additional opportunity and the chance to receive and accumulate the KVRI token before anyone else in a passive and private manner! We will launch the KVRI token rewards with a high multiplier to reward those early adopters and reward them for supporting our growth.

This new initiative will scale ASA and inevitably build a stronger staking agency which is imperative to continuing to provide value to the delegators as well as staying competitive with other staking providers. 

When will the ASA reward swap take place?

Starting the 27th of May the daily AERO reward received by delegating your EGLD with ASA will be swapped to KVRI.

What will be the new reward values?

For every 1 EGLD earned with ASA, delegators will receive 7,600 KVRI tokens as a reward.

Will there be more space for new delegators? 

Yes, ASA will increase the total cap by 2500 EGLD

When will there be new space and how many nodes will come online, how does this affect my EGLD APR rewards? 

Each time the cap gets raised we will have an additional node join the queue. This process will be repeated once a week or until the cap cannot be met. This will in turn lower the overall APR of the staking rewards which is why we will supplement with KVRI tokens. But as more nodes come online the APR will rise and those early adopters will earn a competitive APR along with the KVRI tokens still. So it pays to get in early and support the efforts.

What happens to the GNOGEN AERMES NFT collection?

 For more details regarding this please refer to the two recent announcements from the GNOGEN team:


What is Kavarii and how does it relate to Aero foundation?

Kavarii is a decentralized social-economic video-sharing platform built on the Elrond Blockchain. Users upload (mint) their videos as NFTs ensuring full transparency, ownership, and control over their content. The platform lets users express themselves freely through algorithmic censorship with zero bias, shadow banning, or subjectivity. The platform gives the creators the opportunity to earn crypto on their first day by allowing users to tip content creators with every like and subscription. Users will have the opportunity to join in the fun by being entered into prize pools by their favorite creators. 

It’s important to mention that this platform and its technology have already been developed by the Aero Foudation team but does not have a launch date nor official details regarding the launch. Details about Kavarii can be found here:

Similarly to AERO, Kavarii development will not be driven by any private investors and there will be no private sale or presale for the KVRI token because we believe in the organic growth of the project and equal chances for all that dare to join us no matter the wallet size!

KVRI token can be earned before its launch for trading by delegating your EGLD with ASA and by getting involved in project-related activities such as bug hunting, testing different functionality, contests, and tipping for being active in our Telegram or Discord Groups or by posting quality content in the Lounge. We find this promotes a supportive, helpful community that has the same goal as us, to bring the best product to market as possible.


None of this is financial advice, and we recommend everyone do their own research. This is not an endorsement by Aerovek Aviation as to the intrinsic value of a digital asset (AERO or KVRI). All the information above is just for information purposes only for Aero community members. 

More updates will be coming soon regarding the ATIP token, Lounge tipping, and bridge soon. 

Thanks to everyone who has joined us in this incredibly exciting adventure, best part is this is just the beginning.

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