August Newsletter

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January 11, 2023
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August Newsletter

Blockchain technologies are emerging as the solution of choice for innovative use cases in almost every industry and we, here at AeroFoundation, believe the aviation industry could use a major overhaul that can be achieved by leveraging blockchain's features to develop unique and unmatched solutions for the industry problems.ย 

Our goal is to disrupt the current aviation status quo, by using Web3 tools powered by the disruptive force of blockchain and tackle the aviation industry pain points while also creating new markets and new geographies, attracting new clients, and expanding business reach for every aviation professional.ย 

Letโ€™s rewind the progress we made in July.

Aerovek Eagles x @CryptoPittz NFT collection -ย 

Month of July marked the launch of our latest NFT collection in partnership Crypto Pittz! Amazing Pitzz artwork combined with Aerovek Aviation blockchain tech know how. The collection comes with a unique, gamified staking mechanism that stimulates secondary market trade! From the $KVRI rewards, backstory and to how the dynamic staking mechanism works you can read it HERE and in our CEO, Ryan Dietz post HERE!

Donโ€™t miss out on the chance to mint one of the Dope Eagles - HERE!

Chartr dev updates โ€“

Chartr will redefine your air travel experience from how you find, book, or pay for a trip and unlocks the true potential of aviation ventures no matter their size.ย 

Through constant development progress #Chartr dApp takes shape and gets closer to Beta testing version, maybe as early as late Q3, 2022!ย 

Check out the latest functionalities added to our dApp: Batch1, Batch2!


ATIP to $KVRI bridge -ย 

Early adopters and active community members have always been important to us as they form the backbone of our community and project! Being an active member in our Telegram or Discord groups or posting meaningful content in the Aero Lounge got you the chance to earn $ATIP tokens which can now be swapped 1:1 to $KVRI tokens! Find out more about the utility of $KVRI HERE and swap your $ATIP to $KVRI using the dedicated bridge HERE.


Aerovek Aviation on EGLD community โ€“ย 

Access to the entire @ElrondNetworkย  followers through the EGLD community platform will allow us to showcase the value and opportunities that Aerovek Aviation has to offer with an extended reach.ย 

Being one of the first projects to be Verified on the platform is a statement of our dedication to the project and community members already have the chance to find out more about Aerovek Aviation from the published interview with our CEO and Founder Ryan Dietz โ€“ you can check it out HERE!

ย AeroDao โ€“ย 

AeroDAO is our statement of commitment to decentralization, providing a voice for every $AERO holder and running 100% on chain. With the first two proposals already submitted and voted, any $AERO holder can come up with a proposal, discuss it in the lounge and eventually a DAO proposal can be raised to community vote and ultimately shape the direction of the project!


Aerovek Staking Agency (ASA) โ€“ย 

Stake once, earn twice! ASA was the first staking agency to implement a dual token and NFT rewards system for the delegators who are staking their EGLD. Currently rewarding delegators with $EGLD and $KVRI the APR will only increase once all nodes come live! Find out more about ASA in our blog article HERE.

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