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Published on
March 9, 2023
Written by
John Brian Carthy
Aerovek Announcements

Web3 and community-driven development are truly game-changing technologies. We create limitless opportunities by releasing the limitless potential of creativity and collaboration. With web3, the sky is actually the limit because it is no longer constrained by conventional centralized development techniques. We can anticipate exponential development and innovations that would not be feasible without community-driven improvement. Come along on this thrilling trip with us as we push the envelope of what is conceivable and jointly develop the future of aviation technology.

Introducing our community leaders, the heart of the Aerovek community! Our Community Leaders are the backbone of our project and embody what it means to be dedicated and passionate about our mission. These individuals come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wide range of skills to the table, including development, design, writing, public speaking, and technical expertise. With a deep understanding of Aerovek from the earliest days of the project, they are the driving force behind our continued success. So, without further ado, let's meet the leaders who make Aerovek possible!

It's not about their background or what they do, it's about how loud they are. The following leaders have been the most consistent and driven community members there ever were and will continue to shout from the rooftops. They’ve never backed down from a difficult problem and have stayed with the project through high highs and low lows. 

Every project or company needs believers. And the community leaders are our believers 


  1. Rene Duris-
  2. Cristian Bucurenciu- 
  3. Hadi Yousefy-
  4. Alex Slavu-
  5. Cristian Stancu- 
  6. John Brian Carthy-
  7. Robert Tayoto- 
  8. Liam Thompson- 
  9. Leonard Egonia-

The mission of our Community Leaders is to enhance transparency, promote effective governance, expand our community, and improve traceability and communication. Through weekly or bi-weekly meetings with public minutes, community members will have a clear understanding of who is doing what and why. Proposals, changes, and ideas will be processed through our DAO for community participation, and members will have a sense of ownership and belonging through their contributions. With all development flowing through Github and pull requests, the entire process will be in a public arena and accessible to all members, providing a traceable and transparent experience for everyone involved.

With the framework of Chartr and other Aerovek Apps being completed, the project is ready for the next step in growth, community development, and decentralization. This marks a significant milestone for Aerovek and marks the beginning of a new era of decentralized community leadership. In the spirit of true web3 decentralization, we believe that the leadership and governance of our project should not be held in a few hands but rather with the largest decentralized aviation community in the world. This initiative has been a long time coming and is a true testament to our commitment to open-sourcing and empowering our community. We're confident that with the Chartr framework complete, we can now fully realize the potential of community leadership and take Aerovek to new heights.

The goal for our first eight leaders is to grow and nurture the project and its community. It’s a very similar idea to Aerovek’s pilot ambassador program. To drive innovation, guide development, and direct the community. Each leader has a primary role or responsibility but also has the flexibility to collaborate with and support other team leaders as needed. Each leader is very versatile and has a broad skill set that allows them to contribute in various areas of the project. 

  1. Rene Duris 🐰 🤓- Development Leader
  2. Cristian Bucurenciu 📝- Project Management Leader
  3. Hadi Yousefy ⌨️🖱️- Discord leader 
  4. Alex Slavu 👔💸- Business Development
  5. Cristian Stancu ✈️👨‍✈️- Pilot Ambassador Champion
  6. John Brian Carthy 📈💰 - Marketing Leader
  7. Robert Tayoto 👜👗- Design Leader
  8. Liam Thompson #️⃣- Social Media Leader 
  9. Leonard Egonia 🌐- Web Leader 

If need be, each leader has the ability to bring on new leaders within their area of focus. For example, if Alex became overwhelmed with partnership and collaboration requests and was unable to effectively field the incoming requests he could bring on a second leader thus growing and scaling the leadership and decentralization. Members of this program are free to contribute in any way they see suitable without being limited to a particular field of expertise. All participants in the program have an equal chance to contribute and have an impact because it functions like a roundtable of equal voices. Through DAO suggestions and votes, the program's specifics, such as term lengths, acceptance, termination, and meeting frequency, can be adjusted or altered, ensuring that it is adaptable and responsive to the demands of the community. The project will continue to be decentralized, transparent, and trustless thanks to this innovative approach to community leadership and governance, offering a stimulating chance for community members to get involved and contribute to the project's success.

While Aerovek is still in its early stages, it is important for us to maintain some level of oversight until the project is ready for full community governance. However, we believe that the future of Aerovek lies in the hands of its dedicated community members and that's why we're actively seeking out new Community Leaders. This is not an exclusive club, and any community member can become a leader through their commitment, consistency, and experience. Our goal is to cultivate a diverse group of leaders who bring a wide range of expertise to the table. The more leaders we have, the better equipped we'll be to achieve our mission and drive Aerovek forward. So if you're passionate about Aerovek and want to take an active role in shaping its future, now's your chance!

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