Dope Eagles brought to you by AeroPittz

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January 11, 2023
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Aero Aviators Club

Dope Eagles brought to you by AeroPittz

Dope Eagles are descending onto the Elrond Network as the first collaborative release of the Aerovek and CryptoPittz (AeroPittz) partnership. These two market leaders are joining forces to reshape the digital collectible space on the Elrond Network. Dope Eagles have set its sight to deliver an illustrative wonder combined with a novel gamified experience and reward distribution of the new Kavarii © token. Together, AeroPittz continues to be the bleeding edge in tech and advancement for the Elrond Ecosystem.

Origin Story:

 Dope Eagles originate from a long line of eagles tracing back to the prehistoric Jurassic Dinosaurs age.


Dope Eagles survived extinction due to their wandering behavior, leading them to get trapped in a cave of sweet berries while the world endured the mass extinction event 65 Million years ago.


Originally bred for battle, Dope Eagles could not shake its evolutionary affinity for herbs and berries, leaving them often too distracted to fight or listen effectively to handlers. Frustrated, handlers released the Eagles to roam the northern California skies. Eventually, Dope Eagles settled on a hippie commune north of modern-day Chico California, living an Eagletarian life, filled with copious amounts of berries. 


Dope Eagles banded together to form a flock of kings and knights throughout the neighborhood. They finally found CryptoPittz while trying to get sweet alpha on a new drop of IRL goods. Pittz and Eagles have been chirpin ever since. A sworn protector and alliance for one another. Eagles are one tough badass sons of guns. 


Don’t call them Chickens….


Kavarii Integration: 

Dope Eagles are the inaugural avatar release tied to the Kavarii ecosystem, a first-of-its-kind decentralized NFT video, and live streaming platform. The project plans to bring a fun and imaginative interaction between NFT and staking. Dynamic staking will ultimately provide an interactive experience for the NFT and Kavarii user. Staking farms will be developed to support time and situational maneuvering of NFTs in and out of staking farms to sustain higher reward distribution of tokens.


The Gamified staking model entails hosting NFTs on a designated platform and sharing from a select pool of Kavarii tokens. NFTs will have to be timely and strategically switched out, mixed and matched, or require the utilization of tagged traits to defeat adversaries, bosses, and potentially head-to-head combat. The intention is for users to become more engaged and interactive with their NFT while being guided and experiencing the new decentralized video streaming platform Kavarii has to offer.

Dynamic Staking: 

A basic model of dynamic staking can be imagined by the cycling in and out of NFTs which are selected based on certain traits and features. This staking event will be only for a short time and will require participants to be maintaining awareness and vigilance for channels indicating a change of NFT features to qualify for an enhanced boost.


Additionally, we have programmed our Dope Eagles with a slew of traits (Listed below). All within the spirit of having a great time, building community, and bringing greater awareness to the remarkable platform which will change the creator content experience for the better in the Web3 world. Participation looks like this:

The gamified staking mechanism will allow for users to stake any dope eagle for high rewards, but this will be a timed event. Before the time expires users will need to unstake their NFT to capture the high rewards or risk falling to a lower reward tier. 

Each dope eagle can only be staked once for the high rewards so users will need to scour the secondary markets to find one they have not staked to maintain the higher rewards.

There will also be a passive staking function that allows for the staking of any NFT even if previously staked that will provide a lower reward but the name of the game is to try and stake a different NFT through each period.

Mint Details:

  • Supply: 1555 total- 1500 for Community, 55 for marketing efforts.
  • Price Point: 1 EGLD 
  • Royalties: 10%
  • Location: CryptoPittz Launchpad
  • Time: November 28th


Immediately when the Aerovek and CryptoPittz teams met we knew there was something special. The Aero team was drawn to the Pittz artwork and Pittz was drawn to Aerovek’s development capabilities. The synergy between both teams was like none other, once we made the connection knew we had to partner. 

This collection serves as the unifying middle of both projects’ strengths. Pittz is bringing their artistry, and Aero is bringing the tech. CryptoPittz is a subject matter expert in the NFT space and Aerovek is a subject matter expert in coin staking enterprises. Together we believe we can usher a new wave of curated digital collectibles that cross-pollinate industries and allow fans to collect like never before.

Our main mission is to create a fun entertaining atmosphere for both communities while fostering more collaboration among projects within the space. We aim to disrupt a stagnating NFT scene by introducing a fresh method of rewarding both users as well as those who are dedicated members of either community. 


What is Crypto Pittz - 

CryptoPittz is an NFT 2.0 ecosystem and blockchain brand. We are a Web3 Production company dedicated to assisting partners with the development and evolution of creative solutions around the blockchain space. All in a day's work at Pittz HQ. 

What is Aerovek 

Aerovek is a decentralized aviation ecosystem that is solving the archaic and inefficient nature of the aviation space through the use of blockchain technology. In conjunction with Elrond, the internet-scale blockchain, Aerovek is transforming the aviation business with their all-in-one, go-to, Chartr mobile app, custom-built DAO, transformative API’s and the largest decentralized aviation community in the world. For more information, visit and follow along on Twitter @aerofoundation and Instagram @aerovekaviation.

What is Kavarii

Kavarii is a decentralized video sharing platform that utilizes NFT & SFT technology, giving content creators complete control and ownership of their content. The platform has social-economic capabilities, so creators are rewarded for their content with token tips directly from their followers. Kavarii is a self-regulating & governing community. The users will create and vote on proposals, decide what content stays and what goes, and govern the direction of the project via the DAO that is 100% on-chain.

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