July Newsletter

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July 6, 2022
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July Newsletter

Aero Foundation is leveraging blockchain technology and all the advantages that come with it to bring new solutions designed to change the status quo, elevate the industries in which we operate in and provide new solutions which are better, faster, easy to access, easy to use and fair for all the market participants.

Perhaps our most notorious projects are Aerovek, focused on disrupting the aviation industry via the whole ecosystem of tools and products that we are building or Kavarii where the mission is to give back full control of their content to creators while advocating and promoting free speech and simultaneously making the creator – content consumer relationship more direct and genuine.

In the process of building all of these, we realized that whatever the project is, even if it’s crypto related or a web 2 business, ideally there should be an easy way, literally plug and play, to experiment with blockchain technology without needing to be a blockchain developer.

To specifically address that, we started the month of June by introducing our solution and defining it, Blockchain as a Service (BaaS). Although it’s in the early stage as we speak, the benefits for our clients and partners will be undeniable. You can learn more about BaaS in this article here or by reading this thread on Twitter

Building, building, building – as a policy.

Regardless of the market conditions we’ve expanded our team yet again (!) to accelerate the development of both the Chartr App for Aerovek and the Kavarii decentralized video platform.

Aerovek Staking Agency – More and more space for stakers, the dual rewards continues!

Due to many, many requests from the community we’ve increased the available delegation space in the Aerovek Staking Agency by 2500 $eGLD several times. When all the nodes are live we expect to have a very competitive APR for $eGLD and on top of that you also get the native token for the Kavarii decentralized video platform, $KVRI.

More decentralization for Elrond Network, great rewards for our community. That should be a motto.

Limited Edition Aviator NFTs

It’s been such a rewarding and fun experience to be able to pay for the tickets to the movie Top Gun: Maverick for ALL of the Aviator NFT holders. We also had a joyful competition where 2 winners now hold the only 2 Limited Edition Aviator NFTS in existence. Perhaps in the future there will be more 😊 but for now they are the only privileged ones.

Chartr updates

We are pushing extremely hard for start beta testing for the Chartr App this quarter. Constant progress shared as often as possible:

In depth interview about Aerovek, Kavarii and everything else.

Markus from @GOGUYGO_ joined our founder and CEO Ryan Dietz for a weekend to experience a private flight and have a conversation about everything Aero Foundation is building. 

It goes into a lot of details, and you can watch the interview here.

Our partnership with Crypto Pittz and what’s next?

Everything you need to know you can learn if you playback this extremely fun conversation on Twitter Spaces 😊

AeroDAO is live!

Fully decentralized governance for Aerovek Aviation is here! And your voice matters and you get to vote on what’s next for the project on the AeroDao: dao.aerovek.com

Everything you need to know it’s in this article, a proposal regarding the voting fee is live and you can vote on as we speak and the future, as they say, it’s your hands.

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