June Newsletter

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June 5, 2022
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June Newsletter

At the beginning of May we celebrated our 1st year since Aero Foundation started! It’s been an incredible year with tremendous progress which continues undeterred every single month. May it be Aerovek and the ecosystem surrounding the project such as the wallet, the dashboard, the Chartr App, the DAO, the marketplace, or the Social Lounge, may it be Kavarii – the decentralized video platform that we are developing, our own Staking Agency, the Aviators Club, the BaaS (Blockchain as a Service)documents and API’s that we are building, one thing is crystal clear:

We will continue to innovate, push boundaries, and transform challenges into opportunities!

Let’s have a look and what happened in May.

$AERO listing on Bitmart Exchange

Marking a MASSIVE step towards adoption, more than 9 million people can now trade $AERO and learn more about the Aerovek project. The listing is also extremely important in terms of accessibility given the fact that Bitmart’s users are from 190 countries, including the USA, while it cements our commitment for the long term and belief in the success of the project.

$AERO Trading also live on Kattana

Kattana allows you to trade digital currencies on DEXs and CEXs with a full suite of trading tools previously only available in CeFi. Technical analysis, portfolio management, trading strategy automation, and more. You can now also trade $AERO on their powerful trading terminal!


Aviators Club

Top Gun: Maverick  - Tickets

“Good morning,Aviators, this is your captain speaking!” – Hearing that line from Tom Cruise in the trailer for the movie was a sign that we cannot not get involved. One of the focuses of the Aviators Club is real life events and experiences and so we decided to give the equivalent of 10$ in $AERO for each Aviator NFT held as an incentive to go see the movie given that the ticket price is covered by us.

Top Gun:Maverick - Competition

Not only that, but we also organized a competition requiring photos from inside the theatre where we will be giving away 2 NFTs which nobody else has to 2 lucky winners.

New Aviators Club website

Using this opportunity, we also launched the new website specifically designed for the Aviators Club.

Aerovek Aviators X Krogan Partnership

Aerovek Aviator NFTs will be a part of the Krogan Universe as their newest pilot species in an all-new Play to Earn game coming at the end of year. You can read more about it here.

Aerovek Staking Agency

There were constant requests to increase the space in the Aerovek Staking Agency and we are happy to announce that last Monday we have increased the staking space by 2500 $eGLD which were staked in 13 minutes! Monday on the6th of June we will once again increase the space by an additional2500 $eGLD! You can read all the updates about this change and others such as the replacement of $AERO rewards with $KVRI, the Kavarii platform’s token, in this article.

Updates in regards to Gnogen’s Aermes NFTcollection have been published also and are available here.


BaaS (Blockchain as aService)

#BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) is a key component in achieving adoption throughout the industry. We will provide #Devtools, APIs and SDKs so businesses can easily integrate #Blockchain services into their existing workflows.

Below there’s a sneak peak and more information about that will follow shortly.

We couldn’t be happier with the progress made on all fronts and being featured in the AirlineIndustry Today’s publication is confirmation that we are on the right track while more professionals learn about what we are doing and we explore potential synergies and ways in which we can work together to disrupt the aviation industry and take it to the next frontier.

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