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Published on
March 9, 2023
Written by
John Brian Carthy
Aerovek Announcements

We are excited to announce that John Brian Carthy 🇮🇪 (@settingthetempo) has joined the Aerovek team as a Marketing Leader.

He has been in the blockchain space for ~3 years and also works with Helios Staking and Calileo. In the ‘real world’ he has an MSc in Sport Science and works as a PT/Nutritionist.

💬 Here are a few words from him 👇

I am excited about this opportunity to contribute to one of the most innovative projects in the MultiversX ecosystem and indeed, the wider blockchain space.

As passengers, we are all painfully aware of the inefficiencies within the aviation industry and Aerovek are building an innovative suite of products to challenge and disrupt traditional practices.

That’s without even mentioning the work the team are doing building Kavarii…

I’ll be working with the content team to lead the social media and marketing efforts on the Aerovek side, mainly collaborating with the content team by planning the social media and marketing strategy to build brand awareness through educating and informative content.

I’ve been in the space for ~3 years and am grateful to have had the opportunity to make friends and work with with some great people along the way. None more so than Kevin from Helios Staking, who is a mainstay of the MultiversX ecosystem. He kindly offered his time to have a chat about MultiversX (back when it was Elrond) when I started my YouTube channel almost 2 years ago.

More recently, it’s been a pleasure to contribute to Calileo along with Dens and the rest of the team. The alpha release of the platform is coming at the end of the month and we are excited for the community to begin experiencing the future of social media built on MultiversX.

Even more recently again, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Max and learning even more about the Aerovek vision. 😁

So here we are, hopefully my experience can allow me to make valuable contributions to Aerovek as we push forward on the mission of revolutionising air travel.

Look forward to getting to know all the Aeroheads and see you around ✌️

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