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January 11, 2023
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Blockchain technology evolution and current market conditions have taught us that we are running a marathon and not a sprint. We are determined as always, as anyone with a clear vision for its goals, even when other can’t see the path. 

As builders, we observe the trends, assess the impact, and lay down the foundations not only for the features of our products but for the entire ecosystem we are creating around Aerovek Aviation. From solidifying partnerships, adding new product features to constantly being transparent towards the community, every month, no matter the weather outside we move forward.

Let’s rewind on the major advancements of the month of November!

Dope Eagles Kavarii Beta access – 

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Starting November, the Dope Eagles have access to the Kavarii Beta! All NFT holders can stake their Dope Eagle and earn $KVRI tokens. They can engage with their favorite creators and Like, TIP, Comment or Subscribe to their favorite content! 

Every engagement immutable stored on MultiversX!

Dope Eagles Kavarii Beta staking – 

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Gamified staking is LIVE on Kavarii since 21st of November. The gamified staking allows you to stake your Dope Eagle for up to 24 hours and earn up to 6k $KVRI Tokens daily. 

For a full understanding of the unique and engaging staking mechanism please refer to the following THREAD

Stake, Collect, Trade, Repeat!

Dope Eagles Mint – 

Low supply of only 1500 NFTs, amazing Crypto Pittz art and a unique utility, all traits of the Dope Eagles collection. 

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Second mint of the Dope Eagles collection started on 28th of November on Crypto Pittz Launchpad. Don’t miss out on the chance to land one of these bad boys and access some amazing perks. 

Find out everything there is to know about them HERE.

November AMAs – 

Ryan Dietz X Chessucation

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Discover the latest news regarding our project and more from none other than our CEO Ryan Dietz. In this AMA everything was laid out on the table, the chess one of course. The discussion with Lukas revolved around aviation, content creation and ownership to the ways of bridging the gap between WEB2.0 and WEB3.0.

This AMA was the first-ever live stream on Kavarii. 

A great episode of Chess & Chat that you can find the recording of the AMA on Kavarii HERE.

Ryan Dietz x Entity Finance 

Find out our CEO thoughts on the importance of the tools and community within the MultiversX ecosystem in a brief and interesting discussion with Lewis from Entity Finance.

The entire interview can be found HERE.

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Aerovek Staking Agency (ASA) updates – 

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Starting November, as some of you already noticed Aerovek Staking Agency (ASA) $KVRI rewards have shifted from a daily distribution to a weekly. 

With a total cap of 35,000 eGLD, staking space is available. Staking with ASA brings unique dual rewards in the form of $eGLD & $KVRI tokens, currently running with a special bonus for the $KVRI yield!

Developed under the umbrella of Aero Foundation, Aerovek Staking Agency (ASA) is our verified staking service on the MultiversX network. Currently, there are 7 Validator nodes deployed that secure and increase the efficiency of the network while receiving EGLD rewards in return. Anyone can help secure the network by using the ASA nodes to delegate/stake their EGLD and receive daily rewards in return in the form of EGLD and Kavarii tokens.

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