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November 7, 2022
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The promise of innovation in a heavily regulated, as aviation is, may seem daunting! But what doesn't at first glance? Probably the greatest provocation we face today is changing mindsets! We are aware that from passengers, pilots to aviation ventures, they all have a certain degree of reluctance, and not just towards aviation on the blockchain but towards any change in general! 

What can we do? We discover and remove pain points! We build real solutions to actual problems, we improve processes that will drive the businesses of any aviation professional further and make the experience of planning, booking, and flying more seamless for passengers. Disruption with real benefits that will make adoption inevitable. Follow us on Twitter and discover our #WhyAerovek campaign (on-going) where we detail on the pain points we tackle and the benefits of the solution we bring to the market.

Carl Sagan said, “You have to know the past to understand the present”, so let’s look back at the most important events of the month of October:

Chartr dApp and Portal Dev Updates – 

The Business portal desktop application will be used by aviation professionals to manage all their activities. From setting up their profile, and the ones of active pilots, to set up Chartr flight packages. Using the portal, businesses will be able to maintain a fully correlated and integrated digital archive of all technical records allowing them to have a real time view on compliance and aircraft maintenance. All records immutable stored on the blockchain providing high availability and accessibility.

The easy service onboarding for aviation professionals and aggregated marketplace will provide passengers multiple traveling options and instant direct booking pricing.

For more info check the detailed list of development updates: Batch1, Batch2, Batch3

To mention that anyone that wishes can become an Alpha tester of the Business Portal! All you need to do is to message on Twitter @jaymartinez50 , Lead developer on Chartr and Business Portal for details.

ASA Dual rewards – 

Aerovek Staking Agency (ASA) is our verified staking as a service agency on Elrond Network. Following the expansion of staking capacity and new validator nodes deployed we are happy to announce that all nodes are now online, eligible for rewards with increased APR. 

Along with the increased APR, all delegators continue to enjoy the DUAL staking reward in the form of $KVRI and $eGLD tokens!

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$AERO New Utility - HERE

As part of our extended partnership with NFT marketplace FrameIT, $AERO holders can use our #ESDT token as payment for any transaction on the platform. Probably an understatement to classify FrameIT just as a NFT marketplace as $AERO holders will be able to access services beyond the classical options of selling or buying NFTs. From deploying Smart Contract, option to create their own collections or to deploy community strategic campaigns using NFT tech, $AERO token can be used as an enabler!

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$AERO x $Proteo Dual Farms - 

Complementing Maiar DEX services, Proteo is providing state of the art decentralized finance services contributing to our project stability by incentivizing liquidity and providing opportunities to Proteo and AERO communities. 

Every $AERO or $Proteo holder can still access competitive APRs and we recommend going through the ProteDeFi documentation or through our dedicated article regarding $AERO / $eGLD farms.

Grow Tech Fest 2022 – 

Past month our CEO @Ryan Dietz did a talk at Grow Fest 2022 to present about all the things being built here at Aero Foundation! While Ryan claims to not enjoy speaking in front of a live audience, he delivered, as always, a powerful, passionate performance! 

Grow Tech fest is a 2-day event and is an entrepreneurial workshop where professionals from various domains discuss over the tools required to grow a business and succeed! A great opportunity to IRL socializing and connect with other entrepreneurs, startups, mentors, and investors!

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