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January 11, 2023
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During the development (on-going) of our blockchain based mobile application Chartr, we realized we have in hands the tools and knowledge to open a new use case for the Web3 infrastructure that we are building for it and we are able to offer a flexible and scalable solution that can tackle some of the specific problems faced by aviation industry.

Chartr’s main features aim to improve passenger experience and drive down the cost of flying private, to reduce complexity in booking and transactions for both clients and aviation professionals and increase transparency and traceability for on-ground operations for all likes of aviation ventures no matter their size.

We achieve this by allowing business to easily take advantage of all the benefits that a fast, secure blockchain can offer. Through the use of Smart Contract technology allowing aviation professionals to seamlessly integrate and harness blockchain power into their existing services and reduce friction throughout day-to-day operations.

By exposing the developed Web3 software infrastructure that supports all of the above we are able to facilitate the creation of custom solutions for business transformation and optimization through our blockchain API services (BaaS).  

Inevitable, as Chartr development advances so is the API service infrastructure.

Let’s rewind on the major advancements of the month of September!

Chartr Dev AMA – 

Busy month for the Core team, in front of the keyboard and in front of the mic and camera as building project awareness and answering community questions is on the top of our to-do list.  

Community asked and we delivered an AMA session dedicated on Chartr dApp with our Lead Developer Jay Martinez. Updates, product progress, personal insights, all packed in an exciting and open discussion. 

Click HERE for the AMA recording.

Chartr dApp and Portal Dev Updates – 

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Enriching the ecosystem of Aerovek Aviation products, Chartr Business Portal is the latest addition to it. The desktop dedicated portal will allow aviation professionals to manage their accounts, track and upload required documentation through it.

As we continue to stay focused on our main goal – to bring aviation on the blockchain through our products and services -- the development effort on Chartr remains constant and you can check some of the latest dev updates HERE.

Dope Eagles NFT – 

The amazing art of the Dope Eagles, talent proof of our partners from Crypto Pittz, will soon be accompanied by the innovative, gamified, and dynamic staking mechanism. Staking services will go Live along with the release of Kavarii Beta version, planned for the beginning of Q4, 2022.

Find out everything it is to know about the Dope Eagles in a dedicated article HERE.

Aerovek Aviators NFT – 

With utility to be further expanded in the Aerovek Aviation ecosystem, the Aerovek Eagles are already ensuring to its holders weekly $AERO rewards and the access to Kavarii Beta! 

Join our Telegram and Discord channels for the latest information on the Eagles and everything Aerovek related.

Aerovek Aviation x ProteDeFi partnership

$AERO / $eGLD farms are just the first step of our collaboration with ProteDeFi with more products to go live in the next couple of months. The perfect deployment of the Dual reward farms, integration with Maiar DEX created LPs and the seamless experience delivered to the Aero community makes us confident of the quality of the products to come. 

From dedicated raffles to marathons, stay tuned on all channels for further details!

For more information regarding $AERO / $eGLD farms, you can also refer to the ProteDeFi documentation or to our dedicated article!

Metabonding – 

Thanks to the Metabonding program every new $eGLD or $LKMEX stakeholder is automatically an new $AERO holder increasing the awareness and adoption of Aerovek Aviation.

Key Aerovek x Metabonding facts:

  • 1st project to join the program
  • ~2 Mil $AERO tokens claimed
  • 25 weeks since Metabounding is live
  • ~67K $AERO holders

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