Project Apache

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April 29, 2022
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Aerovek Announcements

Project Apache

The road from start-up to growth-up is paved with transparency!

We started 2022 in full throttle, we launched our new and improved digital wallet, on 2nd of February, we successfully listed the $Aero token on Maiar Dex, doing it with no presale, no private investors because we value the idea of providing equal chances to all, rewarding the community and full transparency. Its the cornerstone of what builds a healthy community and favors an organic growth of the project.  

The Aerofoundation team has been so focused on making sure the Aerovek Aviators Club was a success, which might we add was a smashing success and it went over and above everything, we could have ever expected. Although there were some minting hiccups, the ElrondApes (Our Launchpad Partner) quickly sorted the issues and the 1555 piece collection sold completely out in 28 minutes. Shortly after, @DempseyNFTs on Twitter held a NFT contest where the entire Elrond NFT ecosystem voted on their favorite NFT project. Even though Aerovek is a ESDT project we still walked away with the gold, which says how much support we have in the community. With that said, after the mint, we thought some of the community members wanted an update on everything else that we were working on. 

The team is big fans of Elrond’s short-term marketing campaigns such as their Mission 10 Campaign and their “hypergrowth strategies”. So we thought we’d do one ourselves. 

Enter Project Apache. 

Project Apache was a 10-day series of Aerofoundation announcements regarding new partnerships, developments, and updates on current initiatives. Project Apache's purpose was to give a CLAIM button to the community for the milestones we reached lately, in a fun yet informative way.

Project Apache was a marathon of updates and events and it all kickstarted on April 12th, when the it was announced on Twitter and immediately got the attention and traction of our community.

Foundation stones (Day/2) – got set for our blockchain-based flight #Chartr mobile application as we kickstarted its development and successfully completed the first two internal #Chartr test flights.

#Chartr development and integration into the Elrond Blockchain is performed by a dedicated team with experience in native mobile apps and Web3 development. As planned in our initial roadmap we forecast its availability for Q1, 2023.

Vision accelerated (Day/3) - to full speed by the addition of two new colleagues Jay - #LeadDeveloper on #Chartr and Rohit - #Web3 SW Developer! 💻  .

Jay’s experience in building one of the most used healthcare mobile app in the US will be put to good use in the development of Chartr. He is specialized in full-stack mobile solutions with an emphasis on front-end dev and has experience as a software dev team lead.

Rohit’ blockchain development experience will help refine our existing and future products, fulfill our roadmap, and deliver on-time scheduled applications, functionalities, and services such as #Chartr, #Kavarii, #AeroWallet.

Both Jay and Rohit are based in our HQ Office in Chico, California along with the core team facilitating a fast transition from idea to implementation!


New Opportunities (Day/4) – through Metabonding we got exponential exposure. By no accident we were the first project to be included by Elrond in this unique community rewarding program and in just a few days the number of wallets holding $AERO increased from 6000 to almost 50000.  Through Quests, “Learn and Earn” style campaigns, Trading competitions, access to Fiat onramp, $AERO awareness and accessibility will skyrocket. Growth is coming! 

Ecosystem ramp-up (Day/5) – as we launched the Aerovek Pilot Ambassador Program. (PAP), which already gathers 13 innovators and will shape, promote, and grow the Aerovek Aviation universe. Their experience will help us navigate through the aviation laws and regulations in place globally, guaranteeing that our products and tools are not only compliant but also elevate the standard regarding user experience in the simplest yet elegant way. If you are an aviation professional interested in joining us, click HERE - we would love to hear from you!

Community empowered (Day/6) – as anyone owning $Aero has a seat at the table through AeroDao!

AeroDAO testing is LIVE, and EVERYONE will get a say as we are proud to be stewards of the Aerovek Aviation project, but it is the community who will have governance power by design!

If you are as passionate as us about aviation, make your voice heard and seize the opportunity to shape the future of aviation!

Royalties landed (Day/7) – because owning an Aviator NFT and being part of the Aero Aviators Club comes with plenty of perks! 100% of the $EGLD royalties generated from trading #AviatorsNFT are going the holders’ wallets on a weekly basis! Owning an NFT will be your getting in free card to our first IRL event to take place in Miami, the Crypto Mecca later this year and we do not stop here! Being part of the club will get you a FREE movie ticket for the premiere of Top Gun Maverick because if we do not support our fellow aviators, who will? 

New partnership (Day/8) – as with great excitement we announced our latest collaboration with the CryptoPittz! A team of innovators and as soon as we met them there was synergy like non-other. Stay tuned for massive updates and developments regarding our next NFT collection, utility and much more.

Kavarii (Day/9) – the native #Web3 decentralized video sharing platform that provides true content ownership, decentralized moderation, empowering content creators & rewarding users for their activity. Kavarii is a standalone project, independent to Aerovek Aviation project, with separate tokenomics powered by $KVRI token and dedicated development team!

Project Apache provided tremendous exposure through its delivered content! It increased the number of followers on Twitter with more than 10% in less than 2 weeks and generated more than half of million of impressions, with almost 300K of profile visits during the rollout of Apache!

And with exposure comes adoption and with new investors come new ideas as we are proudly empowering our community!

It got us the occasion to showcase our plans and most important to get the feedback of the community on them and what better way to get the feedback from the community, discuss ideas and show transparency than an AMA session?!

Day10 of Project Apache provided us and the community the chance to interact directly without any middleman or interference!

The AMA concluded Project Apache however we do not plan to stop here. We already have in the works a campaign that will focus on presenting the founding ambassadors of the PAP program, frequent updates around the development of Chartr, and finalize details on our IRL even in Miami just to mention a few!


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