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January 11, 2023
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Access to new areas of Web3 through strategic partnerships and adding new features and options for the community favors the creation of an ecosystem of growth! 

New services that are plug and play into the Aerovek Aviation ecosystem, such as the DeFi products offered by Proteo are a perfect way to increase adoption through the exposure of our project to new communities. 

$AERO token being accepted as payment option on Frame IT , an NFT tech focused platform, is another perfect example on how we expand the suite of opportunities and functionalities the Aero community can access, simply by holding $AERO.

Let’s rewind on the month of August milestones…

Aerovek Aviation x Proteo DeFi partnership

The month of August marked the announcement of the partnership with ProteoDeFi, an exclusive Elrond Defi Suite that takes advantage of the robust Maiar Dex to carry out operations. As part of this collaboration AERO / eGLD LP farms are available (HERE), already rewarding stakers with a dual token yield in the form of AERO and Proteo tokens. 

With many more services and campaigns dedicated to our community to come in the near future. To find out more about the partnership you can read HERE the dedicated article.

Aero Pool APR Update

As previously announced, once the AERO / eGLD LP farms became available (August 30, 2022), the Aero Pool APR was updated to 15%. The decision to update the APR of the Aero Pool in order to stay in line with Elrond's emission schedule for validator staking (transaction fee) rewards.

Chartr Development Updates

While strategic partnerships (Proteo DeFi, Crypto Pittz, Frame IT) are made in order to boost the utility of $AERO token, there is a massive work done in the background by our development team to bring to market our flagship product #Chartr dApp. 

Constant progress, that we share with you periodically, is a testament to our dedication and relentless to fulfill our main goal - make private aviation accessible to anyone. All on blockchain!

Check the latest Chartr Dev Updates: Batch1, Batch2, Batch3

Team expansion - New Social Media Manager

As we intensify our marketing campaigns, Liam Thompson joined our team as our new Social Media Manager. With more than 5 years’ experience in the social media field you can already check his work on our Instagram and Facebook channels.

AMA with the CEO

Either you are an early adopter or newcomer to Aerovek Aviation universe, what better way to learn about our project, to understand the motivation behind our drive and what’s next for Aero, than from our CEO Ryan Dietz?!

Month of August marked a special media appearance, and we want to give a big thanks to the guys from Podcast Elrond  for the opportunity to showcase the utility and plans for Aerovek Aviation.

You can watch the full interview HERE.

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