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January 11, 2023
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Why Aerovek?!


By design Web2.0 is defined by centralization with no ownership or sense of community for passengers. A complete lack of governance or incentives beyond frequent flier miles as major industry decisions for passengers and pilots are made by a handful of entities. Web 3.0 novelty is not only in the technology it brings but also in the new social-economic and governance model it promotes. A new paradigm where decentralization, transparency and ownership are core pillars for any enterprise.


Where and how do we plan all of this? With Chartr dApp our flagship product, on our blockchain DAO, and with our ESDT AERO token’s multi-utility. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of services and products that will make private aviation both affordable and transparent for passengers but also lucrative for aviation professionals.


Flying commercially often becomes a nightmare! From scheduling hassle, constant delays to limited destinations! Everything spiced with TSA unpredictability and the huge amount of time spent in the airport, many times more than the one spent in the air.


How do we tackle this? By offering affordable and streamlined services for all of above-mentioned issues and enabling a seamless traveling experience. What will you need to do? Drive right up to the landing strip, 15 minutes before flight with no TSA and hop on your next adventure.


The industry of private aviation lacks exposure and transparency, failing to achieve its true potential and reach a larger audience. Partly because of the fractioned marketplace and often because of high transaction fees and the overhead the brokers add to the price of any flight.


Through the low transaction cost enabled by the blockchain technology developed by MultiversX we can change that. Businesses and passengers alike will be able to avoid high transaction fees for flight charters through the use of our payment system. Any transaction with fees that will be less than 5 cents in most cases, and real-time settlements no matter the used token BTC, SOL, eGLD, or AERO.


To continue on the hurdles of flying private, booking a private flight is a true adventure nowadays! Usually involves sending a ton of emails and often getting an overpriced quote from the brokers in a few days. Private aviation booking system lacks transparency and creates passenger reluctance toward it.


In order to provide transparency and bridge the gap between passengers and professionals Aerovek creates an ecosystem of pilots, airlines, and travel options all within Chartr decentralized application. All options are accessible directly by passengers! And with easy service onboarding for aviation professionals, we will enable passengers to get multiple traveling options and instant direct booking pricing.


As mentioned above, private aviation is profoundly fragmented with no common marketplace and with a high degree of dependence on middlemen! On top of that, there is little or no focus on dedicated communities for aviation and crypto enthusiasts no matter the blockchain BNB, ETH, or SOL delaying adoption.


We find this unacceptable because we believe in constructive feedback and an unmatched view of the community. To stand by this, we empower it with a voice through the DAO and have periodical AMAs! Moreover, professionals will benefit from an on-chain Marketplace, where they will trade for parts and aviation services.


The use of crypto tokens as payment option is one of the most outstanding and known use cases of blockchain technology. However today there is no streamlined solution for passengers to access aviation services using crypto or for professionals to implement this type of payment.


Both Chartr dApp and our Business Portal will accept and process crypto payments with multiple options such as BTC, ETH, BNB considered for integration beside AERO which will bear the lowest fees. Also, we will use Plaid services for Fiat On/Off ramp to bridge with more than 12,00 financial institutions.


Frequent Flier Mile programs began as simple marketing campaigns to reward customers but morphed into a maze of partners and credit cards with shifting valuations. Only those who are willing to do their homework are able to fully utilize the value from their hard-earned miles.


We plan to implement a transparent and easy to benefit off reward system. With AERO token as a reward for Frequent Flier Mile campaigns the use cases are multiple and easy to access! From ticket purchase, access to DeFi services, easy transfer to conversion to your favorite crypto ETH, BTC, BNB, etc! Everything is open and accountable since everything is immutable and stored on the blockchain!


Often running operations with pen and paper or in best case in segregated software systems for the various business processes, private aviation sector current ways of working are highly deprecated. All prone to error and costly delays. A digital transformation is needed! 

To avoid this we are building a transparent E2E solution that will create a unified system for all ground operations with always available and immutable data. Offering instant transaction processing, reconciliation, and data validation through system interconnectivity. So, whether it's maintenance, booking, or marketing campaigns, all will be powered by MultiversX blockchain native features and interfaced by our services and products presented in the form of Chartr dApp and Business Portal.

To consider more specific problems of aviation professionals, let’s consider Continued Airworthiness Management (CAMO), critical for any aviation venture. Its importance is matched by the complexity of maintaining compliance. Stacks of documents and a maze of procedures, get it wrong and it could end up putting your operation at risk.


Our Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) secure document storage solution enables professionals to maintain a fully correlated and integrated digital archive of all technical records. Thus decreasing 3rd party dependency while having a real time view on compliance and aircraft maintenance. Aviation professionals or even CAMO service providers can benefit of the easy, plug and play integration of our solution in their systems, harnessing the power of blockchain without the worries of dealing with its complexities such as SC management or transaction processing


Private aviation, while high in revenue, was not able to attract software developers to deliver a comprehensive solution. A tangled industry on its own, the heavy regulation only adds to the complexity of writing software to comply and fulfill all its requirements.


However today, innovative new technologies are created by smaller and decentralized companies. Individuals from around the world can come together and join forces. Create diverse teams and build commercial grade solutions. 


Our thought process? We articulate issues of the aviation industry along with our colleagues from the Pilot Ambassador Program (PAP). Designed to bring pilots of all skill levels together, PAP scope is to promote exchange of ideas to further develop and evolve our offering.


We fabricate solutions using our dev team software and blockchain expertise. Everything with the ultimate goal to create a full supply chain for both passengers and aviation professionals no matter their business size.


Aerovek proposes transparency since everything is logged on the blockchain. We offer accessibility since our solution can be used by a single pilot or by large operations through complete business onboarding or partial through our BaaS service. We propose no token lock-in as professionals and passengers alike will be able to use multiple options such BTC, ETH, BNB to access services in Aerovek ecosystem with Easy Fiat On/Off ramp bridge.

We construct an E2E portal for all about aviation, with Web3.0 features, and with a low barrier entry for anyone to onboard. 


Everything designed to enhance strengths, create new marketplaces for aviation professionals and take passengers further than before!

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