Privacy Policy

Aerovek values your privacy and works hard to safeguard your data. The Privacy Policy details how Aerovek collects, uses, protects, shares, and controls information about you related to your interaction with our app.

The Limited Ways We Use Your Information

  • We ask for location data in order to provide you with available charter services near your location. This is optional, and we do not save your location information.
  • We ask for camera permissions and/or internal/external storage access for the following use cases: If you choose to add a profile picture to your account within the app, you can select an existing photo on your device or take a new photo using the camera app on your device. If you select an existing photo, we store a copy of it in app-private storage on your device. If you use the camera app on your device to take a new photo, the photo you take is first saved to your camera app and then also saved to app-private storage on your device. If you remove the photo from your profile or delete our mobile apps, the copy of the photo is deleted from the app-private storage, but the photo saved to your camera app remains available in your camera app until you choose to delete it. If you already have a photo stored in your profile – we do not interact with that photo in any way.
  • While you use our app, we collect non-identifying information so we can provide customer service to you and understand how people use our app so we can improve upon it. This information includes the time you began using the app, any error messages or codes, the model of device used and its operating system, and the version of our mobile app used. If you use Android devices, we also collect your connection type (cellular or WiFi) during an error.

Sharing Data

We will never sell your information.